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Domination is the key to any War battles. You got what it takes? World of tanks gold hack will give you the edge in every tactical battle you will encounter. You heard it? You read it! The ultimate World of tanks hack is now available for live action that no one can ever beat!

World of Tanks Gold Hack 2013

Why do you need a Gold Hack anyway? If you don’t know, World of tanks in game currency uses the Gold currency to buy limited edition and bad-ass tanks and weaponry that will surely give you the maximum power in conquering every battle you will face. Upgrading your cannons, armor, and even skin will give you an awesome feel of being God like with our latest world of tanks gold hack.

I can’t even tell how many awesome features the hack includes! Our awesome team developed the most powerful undetected hack for world of tanks.

The good thing about it is that it uses fiddler auto by-passer to protect your account and get in a stealthy mode when logging in to prevent being banned.

Will it cost you a penny? You should BUT we won’t. Why? We love the game so much, we enjoy to battle too. It was appraised by our team amounting to $97 per license and guess what?

wot5 wot6 wot7

We are giving this for you with NO COST! Na dah!

Get into the realm of greatness and enjoy the power in your hands. We also post some tips and tricks to this blog to help you rank your way to greatness in world of tanks. If you don’t want to use our hack. Just follow this blog for awesome tips.

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Can you play World of Tanks on Linux?

No, you can’t.

World of Tanks can’t be payed on linux due to the fact it needs some drivers that only windows can accommodate.

There are instances that some said that it worked with Wine, but with recent updates that the game sends. It can’t be done.

Just use a windows PC for gaming thing ok?


Now! You can now play World of tanks in LINUX!

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Best Beginners Tank to Use in World of Tanks

Don’t know what to use as your first tank?

Yeah, I got that problem when I first started to. Using every tank I have in my arsenal and testing what works with my plan.
Before you got picking yourself, what kind of tanker are you?

In world of tanks, you can be anything you want to be. Are you an active player or just a lazy guy who waits and shoot?

Best Begiinner Tank

Are you in a killing spree like in Dota 2 or just snipe the foes like in sniper elites? Continue reading

Sell Your Tanks for Space and Glory

Typically, you don’t want to sell your tanks at first. Of course! You don’t have many of them do you?

If you got some money and in game currencies like gold in your account.
I know you are eager to buy some monster tanks out there already.

Selling Tanks

Yeah, I know the feeling when you get so many gold in your account. You just want to buy every tank you want! It’s the feeling when you use our limited world of tanks gold hack. Continue reading